Paula LazzariniTeacher of plucked instrument construction courses / collaborator

Paula Lazzarini was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and has been building classical guitars since 2007.

She graduated in History, she attended a Masters in Restoration and Conservation at the University of San Martin, Argentina. Her curiosity for wood and musical instruments gradually introduced her to violin making, starting with repairs and then continuing to build her first classical guitars under the guidance of Ricardo Louzao, who generously taught her “the art of lutherie”. From the earliest instruments she aims to develop a personal style and sound.

You specialize both in the construction of classical guitars of the Spanish tradition, and in the construction of contemporary guitars of the Australian school. In 2011 and 2012 she perfected herself with Italian, Dutch and French master luthiers, with whom she has the privilege of sharing her experiences of construction and restoration. For a short time, she has the privilege of attending Daniel Friederich’s workshop, who kindly shared her insights into woodworking and her construction methods.

In 2016 she moved to Cremona, where she set up her violin making workshop.

In October 2021 she wins the very prestigious First Prize of the 4th International Competition for Classical Guitar Building “Antonio Marin Montero”, organized by the European Guitar Foundation EGF (Granada, Spain).

According to her philosophy, the construction of the guitar is a long and dynamic process in which we not only try to transform the wood material, but also to constantly refine our personal search for the sound and guitar style that best represents us.

Paula Lazzarini has been a teacher of the intensive course in the construction of plucked instruments (classical guitar) at the Accademia Liuteria Piemontese San Filippo since October 2022.

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