Mara ValdarchiBoard Member / Secretariat / Public relation

Mara Valdarchi was born in Rome in 1994. Since she was a child she has shown great interest in the world of art and craftsmanship. As a girl she cultivated this passion, following courses in different fields: from painting to ceramics to theatre. Graduating at the Liceo Classico, she chooses to undertake a University course in History and Conservation of the Artistic and Archaeological Heritage at the University of Roma Tre. She worked as a trainee professor of Art History at a Classical Lyceum in the capital, and attended a preparation course for the entrance exam of the I.C.R. (Central Institute for Restoration), at the Rotary Club of Rome. These training experiences not only increased her love for the world of craftsmanship but helped to form relational skills towards a large and diversified audience. Graduating at University in 2019, she decided to enroll in the stringed instrument construction course at the Accademia Liuteria Piemontese. Here she discovered what she will do in her life, starting to get to know the world of violin making and experiencing life in the violin making workshop.

Since 2021 Mara has been in charge of relations with the public and of the Teaching Secretariat at the Academy.

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