Creating an instrument is the result of an alchemy of experience, skill, taste, quality of materials and proportion of the design. All of these elements come together to give life to an object that will be unique over time.

The choice of a certain wood, the season in which it is cut, the way in which it is seasoned, glued and worked, together with its varnishing, will give the instrument a unique and unrepeatable voice.


The academy offers lutherie courses in which students learn the fundamentals of the construction of stringed and plucked instruments

The Academy
The Academy

The academy was founded in the San Filippo complex where culture and tradition find expression in the renowned Piedmontese violin making

In the right place
In the right place

We are in Via Accademia delle Scienze, 11 in the heart of the city, a place surrounded by history and culture, a few meters from the Egyptian museum

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  • From violin to guitar: this is how the art of master luthiers is taught in Turin. Building a violin is not easy. All the senses are used and perhaps something more. Techniques are refined and the value of time is understood because what is created is a unique object that can live for centuries.

    la Repubblica Torino Spettacoli, 28/01/2021
  • Ever since it opened ... at the intersection of via Accademia delle Scienze and via Principe Amedeo, it happens to see people with their noses downwards who scrutinize the windows of hidden cellars. So I discovered it, attracted by the skeletons of the still unfinished violins that can be glimpsed from the roadside grates.

    Le Strade Di Torino
  • Founded by the Turin master luthier Enzo Cena ... the Piedmontese violin making academy San Filippo is an educational excellence of the territory that collaborates with the Cavour Polytechnic, Conservatory and classical and musical high school of Turin, with the Cremonensis Academy, the National Boarding School of Cagliari and others important national realities ...

    cittAgorà Comune di Torino
  • I was 16 when leafing through a book I discovered violin making ... I remember that I immediately thought that this could be the right job for me. ... one day, passing in front of the Egyptian Museum, I saw the word "violin making" on the plate next to a door and I could not help but stop…. It was love at first sight.

    La Stampa Cultura 2017/07/07
  • ... we enter a new and unknown world ... among the long benches full of tools, some students continue their work busy and silent. Above our heads, like notes suspended on a staff, dozens of violins hang from the mezzanine; the ancient scent of wood hovers around it and the hard-working atmosphere is punctuated by the rough sound of lime and hacksaws ... Il magazine online del Servizio Politiche Giovanili

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