Alberto BlasiPart-time Violin making Master / full-time course assistant / collaborator

Following in the footsteps of his paternal grandfather, Alberto Blasi began his journey as a wood craftsman in 2011, through the project of the Piedmont region “Bottega Scuola” aimed at starting young people in the world of craftsmanship on the Piedmontese territory. Thanks to this initiative he carries out a period of apprenticeship at a small family-run company, specialized in wooden windows and furnishings.

His passion for woodworking led him to approach the world of musical instruments, enrolling in the violin making course held by the Accademia Liuteria Piemontese and graduating in 2017 in the construction of bowed instruments.

He followed his training at the Civic School of ViolinMaking in Milan, within the course held by Maestro Pietro Cavalazzi in repair and maintenance of the musical bow.

In 2019, at the Fondazione Accademia Perosi, he followed a masterclass in restoration of bowed instruments held by Master Arcieri Carlos.

In 2018-20 he joined the Masters Enzo Cena and Alessandro Tosi in teaching at the Accademia Liuteria Piemontese, also dealing with repairs and maintenance of private instruments.

Alberto is one of the referents of the popular carpentry of Officine Creative Torino and President of the association, active within the Aurora “neighborhood house” in Turin.

Starting from October 2020 he’s the teaching assistant of Ilaria Cazzaniga and Stefano Bertoli in the full-time violin making course and teacher of the part-time course.

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