Tommaso PanagrossoPart-time Violin making Master / full-time course assistant / collaborator

Tommaso learned woodworking techniques and built biplane models with scraps from a very young age. He grew up in the family carpentry until the age of twenty, and then devoted himself to the world of theater by attending the two years school ICRA project theater in Naples.

He then dives into the world of the contemporary circus, attending two prestigious circus schools. After two years at the “FLIC” in Turin, he followed an intense training year at the “Le Lido” in Toulouse, at the end of which he left with the nomad company “Magda clan” on a four-year European tour. The discipline he has chosen is known as “Rolling head” and he used it to tell the beauty of continuous movement through his show “Ne te reveille pas”.

At 34 he ends his experience in the circus world, stopping in Turin. He enrolled in the construction course of bowed instruments at the Accademia Liuteria Piemontese San Filippo, graduating in 2017.

He continued his training the following year at the Civic School of Violin Making of Milan, attending the course of Master Pietro Cavalazzi in repair and maintenance of the musical bow. At the Accademia Liuteria Piemontese he then deepens the methods of maintenance of the bow, dealing with repairs and rehairing.

In 2018-20 he joined the Masters Enzo Cena and Alessandro Tosi in teaching at the Accademia Liuteria Piemontese San Filippo, helding an introductory course on bow rehairing.

Tommaso is also one of the representatives of the popular carpentry present at Officine Creative Torino, an association active within the Aurora “neighborhood house” in Turin.

Starting from October 2020 he’s teacher of the part-time violin making course and assistant of Ilaria Cazzaniga and Stefano Bertoli in the full-time violin making course.